About me

I’m young creative girl who like to think about herself as social media ninja. Im moust interested in capabilities and potential of influencers cooperation. I love to plan, but more often i let myself for a bit of madness ( couse like Mad hatter said Only lunatics are something worth ).

My belives, supported on life experiences, wich go beyond knowing one religion or trade. Observation and nature from first days of live taught me cats. I belive, that the key is balance, awerness and truth.

This page was kreated from stron need own room – even if it’s only digital. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy – because i’ve got a lot nice suprise’s for you!


Okay, now is the time for concretes


Name: Kaja

Birth: 17 july 1994

Favorite colors: blue, grey, green, black, brown (wood)

Hobby: handmade, genetics, informatics, zoology, games (digital)

Favorite taste: tomatoe, garlic, chocolate

Favorite music: film, jazz, rock, latino

Favorite director: Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchock

Favorite celebrity: Johny Deep, David Tennat

Favorite fictitious characters: Joker, Doctor Who, Anakin Skywalker