Eye to eye with adoption – how it’s like to have fish?

Decision about the adoption could be as well an impulse and a planned action, although we are not always aware of all the consequences. To show what it’s like to have fish and take care of them, I invited Anna from womenspassions.pl to give a humble interview, the results of which can be found below.

We always wanted to have a pet in the apartment, we didn’t know then whether it would be a dog, a kitten or other animal. However, when it turned out that our boys are allergics, we decided to set up an aquarium. Aquarium was also my husband’s dream, because as a child he had a smaller aquarium in his family home. We started from nothing and little knowledge about setting up. We read a lot of forums, but as well as delved into YT videos about such fish farming. Previously it was a multi-species aquarium with plants. With time, however, we took the opinion to set up Malawi.


Our ponds now occupy mouthbrooder. They are yellow fish, which very nicely integrated into the decor of the aquarium, and before Christmas we made them Malawi decor (mostly bought on from Allegro or at a nearby stonemason). Few of them are dyeing and will be gray-blue.

It is difficult to determine the nature of fish. What can I say, they are clever, because they make tunnels everywhere, pouring sand into their mouth from place to place. We recently noticed with my husband that they like to adore. Who knows? Maybe something will happen …


As for now, we do not have any difficulties with maintaining fish farms. The daily routine is first of all feeding them. As for the duties, it is certainly what the two-week cleaning of the aquarium is. Pleasure? Just looking in the aquarium is pure pleasure, as for me it is my second TV set. My husband can sit down quietly at the beer and stare at the water for a long moment. Aquarium that have fish perfectly calms down and relax!


Permanent (in-use) and initial (establishment of the aquarium). Monthly operation is a quorum around PLN 50 – food and electricity. When it comes to setting up an aquarium, it’s all about what equipment we want to put on and what capacity we can afford. For us, it amounted about 1500 PLN.


Fish are not difficult to care for. Cleaning the aquarium takes a long time and regularity depends only on the content. The most difficult thing is every three months cleaning the filter, although each time it will come out with more and more experience.

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