Bracelet of frendship – few steps to little masterpiece

Bracelets of friendship – mulina bracelets are a strenuous though colorful technique that comes back when we have time. It involves tying knots on colorful threads to obtain the chosen pattern.

Bracelets of friendship

Few tips at the beginning

  1. The bracelet consists of a large number of knots – be patient
  2. Threadline threads – even the highest quality can be spoiled – take care of them
  3. The beginning of your weave is worth pining it, to be able to work freely
  4. Always tie twice

What could you need:

  • mulina – for tying supves
  • adhesive tape, needle or safety pin which we will attach to the table or jeans
  • scissors – to cut unnecessary ends
  • glue to staple the knot so that they do not dissolve

Step 1 – what to create?

You have to make a decision about the length, weave and color of your bracelet. Length is better to take a little more because tying can be difficult and reduce the durability of work. The thickness of the bracelet will be determined by the number of cut strings. Always cut off – if they are long enough, you can fold in half. Colors, will be a matter of preference only if you find a good haberdashery, and you will soon learn about the braids

many difrent patters you can also find here (klik) and after clicking on the photo, you will be taken to the tutorial page. There are bracelets, frames and other designs with varying degrees of difficulty

Krok 2 – Basic

The basis for friendship bracelets is the knot. We distinguish the knot to the right and the knot to the left. (More about knots here).

In the picture below, half of the right (P) knot and half of the left (L) knot are shown – to complete the entire post, it is enough to repeat the half knob. To pull, pull the tip marked with an arrow.



Top 6 the moust intresting bracelet of frendship ( 2 photos below from this link)

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