Game of sultans – it’s not only about the harem

Did you ever wonder how would it be to become Sultan? What does he care about? How does he conquer? In game of sultans – that I’m about to show you – you can find out for yourself!

If names like Sulejman, Hurrem, Ibrachim or Mahidevran you do not associate only with the affairs of the harem in the Turkish TV series Wonderful Century you are interested in the information that in the following application for mobile devices you can not only gain and train your viziers, create or co-create unions but also lead conquests that will bring a regular tribute.

All you need to know about game of sultans

The application is avalible in english (but also russian and turkish along with some more options). Due to the number of players, the game is divided according to the ‘time of joining’ on individual servers (it is possible to create another account on the new server – and switching the game – remember which one was the one). There are two communicators available – one global for the server and the other for the union (to which you currently belong).

First steps in the application are prompted by an infallible tutorial which shows the basic possibilities of the game. If there are any problems or bugs due to fast communication through the application or its fanpage (as well as global groups), they are regularly repaired, and for the time of server unavailability the creators compensate players through various gifts sent to the message box.


In addition to basic tasks or challenges that are regularly rewarded – the game offers events that have their rankings (with prizes) and bonuses.

Is there a way to speed up the game?

Sure, the game offers a whole set of micropayments that you can support the sultan, the composition of the viziers and even his harem. In-app purchases are not necessary to enjoy the game, as the game itself offers a huge set of rewards for various game achievements – including regular login, and personal and union rankings). However, if you do not intend to buy diamonds, it is worth to deal with them sparingly, because without regular further achievements, it may not be enough for us to ‘issue our heirs’.

Below you can see what you can get after purchase diamonds or how to get vip

So how is it?

You write a name and become a Sultan. The game uses four currencies (gold, grain, soldiers, diamonds) and a whole package of items (from those that will allow us not to wait, for example, visiting wives after using vigor, by coupons for currencies or necessary to create a feast, but also those that will allow us to improve our vizziers (books, medals).

If you want to use all the possible privileges without spending money, the first important step will be an active union – in which you will receive various bonuses from the mini tasks. If you do not want to avoid the best, be sure to check how your Frontier looks in your time zone and make sure you are online during this time. Hunting and fortress can provide points that you can easily exchange for cool items. Regularly improve your viziers – in the arena, challenging another opponent with one of their viziers, we fight successively with a chosen one (you can choose from three – choose from the lowest (gray / green / blue / …)) to be able to fight as long as possible. Do not forget about the settings tab in which you can enter the “gift code” which the authors of the game make available on your group or fanpage from time to time.



What doeas we have here?

  • Imperial Parliament – the point at which Ahmerk you will receive levies = regularly renewing gold, soldiers or grain, and with Hocas you will deal with the affairs of the empire in which you can choose one of the three above currencies or xp points (for your sultan)
  • Campain – this is a battlefield in which you will encounter more and more enemy units on subsequent levels. I recommend gathering far more than the number of soldiers to minimize losses. Remember to collect prizes after clicking in the bottom left corner of the map – hence the characters from the Imperial council. Subsequent levels and strongholds, in addition to awards in gold or objects, give experience improving our Sultan. Thanks to that he has an increased amount to be picked up in imperial parliment
  • Union – it is possible to find a union or to establish it (for 2000 diamonds you need a name + at least 6 digital password). Developed thanks to daily quests or contributions paid by members (for which later you can collect prizes in the redeem tab – the higher the lvl union, the more prizes you can choose). Set voage is a chance for additional items through participation in expeditions (From union: first for 200 / next 400 / lvl 3 800 – 9 are available). A novelty for many players are Union wars in which they will organize battles between themselves – for a place in the ranking and prizes.
  • Divination – is a place where you drink your daily coffee and get some diamonds. on day 3, 7, 14 and 21 additional rewards are provided (as in daily missions)
  • Frontier – Hunting Ground (12: 00-14:00 GMT+3) Fortess Siege (19: 00-20: 00 GMT+3) * Hours given according to event availability in my application * are events during which each of your viziers may deal damage to animal in hunt or in fortress ( for which points are allocated) with a slight difference – because in the fortress is one for the entire server and if you do not start right away – you may be late and do not use at all.
  • Harem – is a collection of (1) Consort – means women ready to live with the Sultan. New you will get in the masuarade (2) Consort titles – when the concubines will have enough intimacy and charm to honor them – their descendants receive a bonus from their mother. (3) Heir – a place for your adolescent descendants (whom we develop thanks to vitality – you can buy more space by spending diamonds) to move to (4) Marriage – the space where we can machmake your heirs or give the world a word to find out when it comes to marriage. (attributes of children after marriage are added as points to empire strength)
  • Rankings – there are 3 server rankings, where once a day we can pick up the honor in the form of several diamonds for the position in the amount of power, campain or intimacy
  • Masquarade – area of ​​the palace that we randomly visit by meeting different people using the renewing (30 min) energy. Depending on the amount of luck (fortune) we can meet your future wives, or anyone (when fortune fall about 60).
  • Arena – this is a place where we will fight (fight) one of your sultans (I have not found an option to exchange them) with a random other sultan. Fight logs shows who and when attacked us and gives us the opportunity to rematch. Arena also has its own ranking depending on the number of points (from fights)
  • Feast – feast is one of the larger diamond absorbers, you can organize a feast (100 diamonds + items) or banquet (500 diamonds + items) and visit 3 feasts during the day (100 / 500 diamonds / items). Feasts have their own shop with prizes for points in a feast.
  • Imperial Council – this is a building where defeated allies are gathered, you can collect them 3 times a day, with 1 hour cooldon), will give you a tribute in random form (gold, soldiers, orbs or jewelry for wives) sometimes with a servant whom you can assign to any wife (increasing charm)
  • Imperial academy – this is a place where you will improve and train your viziers, thanks to which they will be more effective in the arena. more seats can be bought for diamonds.

Why is this game for me?

If you’re a fan of the above-mentioned series to some extent – you’ll love the music of the game and its possibilities. Plus for you if you know what tribes are or you played something similar – although graphic design and subject matter is definitely worth trying out.

If by some miracle you got a strange advertisement for this application on instagram, I can only say that there are no such options and I saw a few ‘marketing gimmicks’ that your sultan had aggressive tendencies towards his concubines – I will deny it with all – because there are no such options. I raise this issue not because I consider it particularly offensive – but I was ready to install the application again to see it with my own eyes. If you don’t belive me – or want to check there ads for youself feel free to see some information about adverts on their official fanpage.

Moust important at the end 🙂

Not decided yet? check out trailer about the game of sutans!

Post zawiera screeny z gry.

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