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old scool runescape

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Would you like to play in online RPG, in wich you will learn new skills, go on awesome adventures and discover new lands? Check out Old school Runescape – cause in this post you will learn all you need to know about this game!

word of introduction

Launched in 2001 by Jagex, online MMORPG n fantasy world its best times behind. For years of serwer went on, more and more updates made websige loading longer and longer. And as a result we don’t see those hundreds of thousends players online as it was some time ago. 

However, this title definitely deserves to get acquainted with some interesting reasons which you will soon learn. Not long ago, a mobile version of the game was created (available on iOs and android), which refers to the first – the most popular versions. game website

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All you need s to create an account (mail + password), decide about your players name and its apperence (personalization applies to the color and shape of hair, clothing and beard (in men)) and we start a short but necessary tutorial which explains the rules of the game.

The character and its adventures are based on the acquired skills, as you may not be able to perform certain actions or travel to specific places or threaten to lose all current (worn) equipment (couse of players death). Below screen from the bank in Varrock (west) next to the grand exchange.

Important information

Every action such as cutting down a tree, making a fire, catching a fish, attacking an opponent or melting a mined ore rewards the player from a few to a dozen or so experience points – which in collected to next levels, enable further actions such as cutting other types of trees, creating more powerful runes or finding better minerals. The development of some of the skills depends on the completion of a particular quest or travel to a specific location.

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In the game (more precisely the city named Varrock located north of the first location that we visit Lumbridge) we can access to the grand exchange in which it’s possible to trade between any users, just select if you want to buy of sell, item and price that is acceptable for you. As a real world demand and supply rule works here, it happens to receive an item at a lower or higher price than previously was expected (and some coins with item, or must change price to buy at all). There are also items that can not be sold on this stock exchange (when the account is too young, or the item is ‘special’, eg a book that adds xp points).

With a bit of competition

Players on different levels can compete with each other and even fight – but only in specific zones – which are specially marked. Before a trip to unknown and dangerous areas, do not forget about the provenance and the necessary supplies because what you are wearing is important – different headgear, coats or armuor have specific statistics and reduced resistance to a specific type of attack (melee, magic, range). Remember this when you’re working out your game strategy.

Above you can see the screen from the game – visible in the bottom right corner of the icon are specific skills along with their level (level). Some of them are brighter – less visible, because it is only available for “Members”. Who they are you will learn from the next block of text, because now I will describe each skill briefly

Skills in old school RuneScape

The panel in the bottom left corner visible above is responsible for the type of attack (depending on the weapon being worn). So for attack, strength, and defense, the increase in points depends on the battle style chosen

Ranged is using the bow and arrows or crossbows and bolts. As the level increases, you can use better and better materials (wood and ore). Arrows or bolts for reuse should be picked up by yourself.

Prayer takes points by burying different bones. The next levels unlock further blessings to be used, for example, during the fight

Magic that is all about casting diffrent spells or teleports. Spells use runes (which you can create)

Runecrafting is available only after completing the quest Rune Mysteries which starts with a conversation with Duke Horacio W Lubridge Catsle. Allows to create runes from rune essence.

Health – the avalible points of life, gained during the fight.

Crafting includes sewing, spinning or making clay (which needs to be mined or bought). Stitching, spinning or firing is possible only in certain places.

Mining is digging up the ingredients of bronze, clay or later even iron, coal and better raw materials allows you to rarely find any of the crystals that can be later sanded

Smithng is the melting of ores extracted into bars, or the creation of a hammer on the anvil of all kinds of objects such as axes, helmets, shields or arrowheads.

Fishing in general, from small nets to larger ones, fishing rods and cages and even harpoons during subsequent levels require traveling in the digital world because it is only available in certain places

Cooking allows you to create food like cakes, baking, scrambled eggs or soups. Every fish caught or a slaughtered animal that is thrown out of the meat can be baked or cooked, making eating refresh the points of life.

Firemaking is based on the tinderbox object that allows you to set the logs on fire that you have in your equipment depending on your level  

Woodcutting higher levels allow cutting other trees and using better tools.


Construction allows you to build your home, individual rooms and objects thanks to the appropriate components. The house is available in one of several locations behind the portal.

Agility, or the ability to use different "shortcuts". For example, go through a log, along a rope or under an obstacle. Herblore is responsible not only for the collection and recognition of various herbs but also for preparing drinks and mixtures from them  Thieving, that is, small pickpocketing from guards, theft from stands and shops. Fletching allows you to create arrows, bolts and bows from various trees and alloys
Slayer is the acquisition of specific "targets" (monsters or characters) at a certain level Hunting - an attempt to catch various animals from various biomes of the world, from traps to birds, to large and dangerous beasts. Farming or growing plants (herbs, fruits and vegetables, as well as others) in specific places on the map.      
In the non-mobile version of the game there are more skills - but for the needs of the application entry have been omitted.

Pay to play

Like any of the games that are available for free online, Old School Runescape offers an extra premium account called the Member, which unlocks more quests, skills a much larger area of the map and a number of other privileges, such as more space bank, more mini-games like guild wars, a way to earn money or the opportunity to build a home. 

However, there is the option of a premium account without spending real money by buying from the other players or on the stock exchange (grand exchange) an item called Old school bond visible on the screen below. Coins are virtual currency – next to compare the price of runes (3/12/2018) needed in magic

So what do I do?

Travel, collect, get to know, learn and trade. Remember about weapons, observe the number of hit points and do not get killed. Safe items will only be in the bank – so if you do not want to lose something during the next walk, simply hide it to the bank when you are on the Exchange (Grad Exchange) because only offers can be displayed there (in banks you can only pick up if it ended). 

The game offers a whole host of adventures, including dragons, an alternative version of Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet. Your decisions affect the final outcome of events – although the reward for completing an adventure (quest) usually remains unchanged. 

The photo appearing map of the world revelsplace of respawn (purple), while the blue circle is marked with the above-mentioned grand exchange, where you can place an offer to sell or buy specific items.


There is a mass of materials available in the network, both on the fastest acquisition of the highest level of abilities described above, ways of quick earnings or subsequent actions during adventures. If you have a problem – or you want to read about it – let me know in a comment and I will certainly write it as suggestions for future posts. 

There are a lot of servers available with numbers from 300 to 525 available to the game – some only for members, some with a certain level of total (i.e. summed up all of the above) other focused on specific mini games or events. 

Below are some more names of prices and items that you can find in the game.

Do you know Old schol Runescape? Do you like? You recommend? How do you like to spend your time? Did you manage to put a skill level 99 in one of the skills that unlocks the cloak and gesture from the given skill. Show off in a comment – and maybe play with me: D

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– Kajgam

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