Overlord – it’s good to be bad

Its good to be evil. Real world usually won’t allow you to conquer lands as dark lord, but isn’t the possibilities of video games make them so popular?  Imagine waking up by your servants, to take the lead of dark tower and goblins to rule this world. Welcome to overlord.


It’s one of the oldies, but goodies rpg with all kind of magic and mystic creatures including ghosts of elves, dwarfs or beetles.  The journey is long, challenges are hard, but you are not alone. Leading your own army (which gets bigger and bigger) you discover and choose between four types of goblins with different skills. Lovely four color hord that follow you everywhere, interact with objects, collect and bring you money, potions or just equipping themselves.


Brown goblins can equip items and are quite good warriors, red ones are resistance to fire (and destroy it) and throw it, green ones have poison resistance, and attack quite good. Last but not least blue goblins can swim, resurrect dead ones but are really bad warriors witch die fast.

Start your adventure in green and beautiful world and by time change it to real dark lord dream land. Exploring the different locations you may find different kind of objects like spells, money, hives, recourses or health/ mana / hord increase.

Make up your mind

Best part, besides your great role of dark lord who goes around, kill and collect – is the sound of your little goblins! “for you”, “for the master!” or “yes sire” made me smile every time – and its heard every time the find something.

Besides lots of fun causing goblins destroy everything player can see some really nice landscapes, and enjoy nice graphics. I recommend this game to anyone who would like to spend some time feeling the most important being in the universe.

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