The Sims 2 – all you want to know

If you’ve ever played sims – you know the unlimited possibilities of this game. Creating Sims, building and lots type of action bring you to screen for hours. When Origin was giving complete the sims 2 edition (with all additional packs) i felt in love even more.

The Sims 2

Relised in 2014 EA creation allow you to play Sims becoming zombie, vampire, werewolf, plantsims or (like in the sims) get abducted by aliens and become pregnat. Some hidden in additional pacs wich uprgade your neigbourhood with more land.

But what doeas really change (the sims upgrade)?

  • 3d graphics, which allows to view sim from every perspective
  • New graphic engine, showing more details like reflections in the mirror, or light scattering
  • New way to create sims
  • sims life priorities
  • Desires and fears
  • not so edgy Sims body and clearer faces
  • indicators of aspiration and reputation
  • time lapse and realistic stages of Sim’s development
  • memories
  • change of clothing (you can buy them at public lot)
  • genealogical tree and inheriting the features and appearance of sim

Additional packs

List below shows only full additional packs – not accessories.

  • University – before being an adult your sim may bet to university (another area)
  • Nightlife – introduces new decorations, elements, outfits and the aspiration to seek pleasure. It allows you to spend time in the city on dances, karaoke, bowling or dating. Includes suburbs. (another area)
  • Open for buissnes – allows adult sims to start their on buissnes as well as in home or public lot, from restaurants, shopping mals or butiques. Adds among others elevators and managing the employment.
  • Pets – allows to adopt a pet of your own. Dogs and cats need to be adopted, parrots, fish or guinea pigs could be bought in building mode. Pets could get their own job.
  • Seasons – add four seasons, about five days each and gardening and using harvested plants, greenhouse and plantsims and some outdoor suits.
  • Bon Voyage – was based on “the sims on hiliday” allow three types of voyages: luxury apartment in tropical island, bivouac on the top of a mountain or meeting the culture far east.
  • FreeTime – allows player to try out diffrent types of hobbies like music, sport, dance, mechanics (car), searching for ufo, crafting pots and many more.
  • Apartment life – more neighbours make easier to get ne relations. With new features, like playground, cafeteria, breakdance show’s at park you could get in touch with new groups like art lovers, technology geeks or sportsmen. Additional pack allow sim to live in diffrent types of homes: from flats to luxury apartments with butler. Adds magic.

When you know what could be done, and create your own vision game could be a little boring. But turn this frown to smile couse cheat codes are here to help.

Cheat codes

Below I present you my favorite list of cheat codes – wich I love, use and reccomend. With word of introduction: you need to press Ctrl + Shift + C buttons to call command line. Best to be used in neighbourhood.

  1. boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true – opens unlimited possibilites like: change sims skills, frend meter or their needs. Adds lots of options wten clicking on sim with SHIFT (aging, frends, spawninig). When creating sim press Shift + N to be able to create alien or dress like npc (quit mode changing  N to M). Quit by change true to false.
  2. help -all – list out all cheat codes you could use
  3. intProp maxNumberOfVisitingSims 8 – insteed max of 2 sims visiting your lot you can change up to 8

cheat codes on parcel

  1. changelotzoning [residential | community | apartmentbase] – the code let you change type of parcel
  2. Unlockcareerrewards – unlocks all career rewards
  3. maxmotives – all needs are max (green)
  4. motherlode – add 50 000$
  5. set Hour [0-23] – change hour
  6. move_objects [on/off] – let you move everything (sims/pets/ so on) when on

Whats your favorite way to spend time with the sims 2? Are you a
psychopath? or just trying to achive your real life dreams?

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