Tropico – paradise island

Games based on building are great time for those, who find themeselves wandering about beeing an Emparator. From gotic resource gaining to sims unlimited property possibilities, you find yourself lost and looking for a sunny island to dive in? Try Tropico!



Tropikalny raj

Tropico allows you to be an Generalissimo of your own island and design layout of your raising beautiful city. Tropical paradise or dictators bad dream? – choose yourself! Looking forward to see how your empire grows through decades? Fulfil your people dreams or watch out for rebels!

Tip? people demand houses, food, church, fun – but don’t forget about pollution, production or safety. Usually you can still build to debet -10 000, but your public relations with other countries could get worse.  Money would come from the export around 6 months – watch out cause the debt could grow fast (salaries and unkeep) and stop you.



Tropico 4 or Tropico 5?

I have possibility to play Tropico 4 on xbox 360 and Tropico 5 on ps4 (ps plus gift), and here’s little sum up, of what i think.

Tropico 5

You can think, that every single newer version will be better, but you would be wrong. Tropico 5 let you create your own dynasty – but if you played Tropico 4 you would be unsatisfied.  Besides introducing more than one of your dictators, Tropico 5 make some buildings more static (ex. farm is build with field – in Tropico 4 fields were created by workers on open space around farms), and shows some additional packs with some new adventures. What’s more Tropico 5 have a little more to give about time and getting from prewar, through cold wars, to modern times.

Extensions?  I bought whole extension pack on ps4 around christmas sales – and didn’t get surprised.  New islands, quests and buildings – did not so much worth to buy . Why? Two quests (maps/ stories) in game and like 3 in additional pack, not so worth a try.

Step back

So how many stories could tell you Tropico 4? How about twenty? Twenty island, sometimes starting over and over to get to that plot, relations and possibilies. Getting almost killed, trying nuclear power, and building an army, get you in for hours and hours! Also, Tropico 4 has easier way to acces people needs – and grafs to easy see how parameters (production/ export / population) are growing!

Tropico 4

Time waste?

No. Only one aspect got me really in in Tropico 5 wich I really don’t regret spend time and attention – is free mode where you chose island, money, time, economic and disasters level and when the “level” is end  (by points / money / etc). Designing every single city was pleasure, but got boring seeing all the time same looking buildings.

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