Bloger hard life

Living among the masses of stereotypes is difficult. We do not always control our emotions and the effects vary. Without doing anything, we do not risk being criticized, and hence I dare say that the blogger’s life is difficult.

The heavy fate of the blogger

As in any society, you can find more or less unpleasant people, and do not be fooled by the idea that they don’t like you. They are just like that. Trying to draw attention to themselves, they undertake subsequent and subsequent stranger licks, which in effect act to their detriment. Unfortunately, this is not a disadvantage like the medieval genre, when thieves were cut off their hands, and you clearly saw who you are dealing with. But the traces left on the web are not undetectable.

And if so…

Write that bloggers are bad and I do not identify with them? One of the bloggers became convinced about the effects of such action on their own skin being excluded from successive valuable groups for influencers. Because if “I prefer to be nothing than a blogger” then let’s stay at first. I do not want to be on a par with the breakfast television and link to such events – so I’ll leave it as a warning.

because after all…

If you think that the internet creators are a staggering bunch of pseudocelebites – then you can not be more wrong. Each blogger publishes only what he or she wants, and although some can be bought cheaply – it is better to look towards those who value their authenticity. Even if most cheats – the right one will allow much better results as well as short and long-term.


There are blunders on both sides. Both principals applying to bloggers are not able to leave the possibility of an agreement for the blogger, as well as bloggers towards larger companies. There are many such examples, and both sides are guilty. Hotel and youtuber? Attached hair (who organized a contest for the best hate – luring to lynch is probably punishable?) and blogger who did not answer their massages?

a foregone conclusion?


Not necessarily. The large budgets was eaten the campaigns with the largest ones, now it will spread to smaller and more effective cooperation. The year 2018 is the moment of microinfluencers. The mass of tools, forums, agencies and groups allows really good information in terms of finding the best influencer. The time of relying on rankings goes into oblivion, in favor of small and committed communities. Work. Or is today your day?

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